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Educes Consultancy desires to collect your and your family’s (where applicable) entire
academic, professional, financial, social, tangible/intangible property’s and relative’s data and
history to process your admission(s), study, career and or migration plan. Application form will
be filled and signed by you, your parents and or your financial or custodial sponsor(s) with
photocopies and or original documents (as applicable/needed). You are also needed to opt in or
out by signing a form or a withdrawal application to open or close your above mentioned
data/file. Educes Consultancy reserves the right to share your data with your designated
organizations, bodies or authorities. We retain an individual’s data until the respective process
ends, or the individual requests to close the file, whichever happens earlier. We may also share
the outcome of a file for our advertisement purpose with the concern of the applicant and or
their family or parents.
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